New year, New Name, Good things to come!

by James Windsor on 2020-01-01

So as we say goodbye to 2019, we want to wish you all a happy new year and we also take the time to wave good bye to the name "Omen RO" and change to "Lotus RO". There are many reasons for this but we assure you that the server is not going anywhere and nothing about the core of the server has changed, only the name. Looking back at 2019, the server was born and so many old friends came to join us here and we could not be happier, this was always our dream to provide a high quality Ragnarok Online experience and listen to the playerbase and so far the feedback has been super and everyone seems to be having a great time!. Now if we look forward, WoE will start soon and we're growing by the day as a server and we're getting closer and closer to kRO in terms of updates.

I am sorry for the wall of text but in short, Thank you for 2019 it was great and 2020 will be fantastic for sure!


/ James

Christmas is coming

by Mr.Amity on 2019-12-01


Christmas is closing, and to ease the waiting time, we present you an advent calendar for every day until December 24th.

So for every day that has passed, you can get a small gift.

All you have to do is a little quest:

Advent Calendar Guide

OmenRO wishes all of you happy holidays~

GMT Enchanter, Omen Crystal Resetter,Fixes & Blue Weapons!

by James Windsor on 2019-11-27

New Zodiac System Signs Has been Picked, Find out which ones in the Patch Notes

Geffen Magic Tournament Enchanter has arrived at Omen RO!

The Omen Crystal Instance Resetter is now live and can be found in the Omen Casino!

How does it work?

it'll let you use Omen Crystals to reset an Instance Cooldown of your choice!

20 Crystals per Daily Instance Cooldown

200 Crystals per Weekly Instance Cooldown

Buff Food has been added to the Instance Point Vendor for 4 IP each

Kafra Cards & Token of Siegfrieds has been added to the Instance Point Vendor for 2 IP each

Blue Weapons has arrived in the Instance Point Vendor for 150 IP each

We also remade the Blue One-Handed Sword into a Blue Two-handed Sword as we felt the Blue One-Handed Sword served very little Purpose and Attack Speed Based Rune Knights will always want to use a Two Hander

Many items were made unsellable to the Npc

More details in the Patch Notes

Card Exchanger & Fixes!

by James Windsor on 2019-11-22


The Card Exchanger Vending Machine has arrived on Omen RO!, details can be found in Patch Notes