Double Monster Spawn & Double EXP!

by James Windsor on 2019-10-09

Do you enjoy leveling fast?, or maybe you want to farm that specific item? Well This week from 2019/10/09 - 2019/10/17 We're giving you double monster spawn & double exp event!

Double Monster Spawn - All monsters on every map has been *Doubled*

Double EXP - All monsters,quests & mvps provide 2x the EXP!


Have fun on Omen RO!

Double Exp & No Level Penalty & No Death Penalty

by James Windsor on 2019-09-26

As the celebration is comming to its end, we give you the final event which is

All EXP gains have been set to 200%

All Monsters will provide at least 100% EXP no matter their Level Vs Yours.

Dying no longer causes you to lose any experience!


Event duration : 2019/09/26 > 2019/10/03


Have fun !

Double Drop Rate!

by James WIndsor on 2019-09-18

As we approach the third week of Omen RO's launch celebration

We give you Double drop rate event from 2019/09/18 to 2019/09/25.

All monsters now have their drop rates doubled so good luck to you all!

Launch Exp Party!

by James Windsor on 2019-09-01

Since we've just launched and this is in celebration of the server's birth and also Ragnarok Online's 17th Anniversary we are giving everyone a 14 day triple EXP event. From  19/08/31 > 19/09/14 All monsters and quests will give you triple the experience!