200/70 & Exp Table Changes & More!

by James Windsor on 2020-02-21

Max level 200/70 has now reached Lotus RO and ontop of that our entire experience table has been re-designed to match kRO, in short this means it'll take less experience to reach level 160~, Job level experience has also been reduced so you can reach job level ~15 faster than before. Our guess is that kRO wanted people to be able to level up to newer content faster instead of having to spend a high amount of time to get there.

Homunculus Skills has also been updated

And lastly due to player requests you can now re-name your pets more than once!

Read all about these changes in detail in the Patch Notes

War Of Emperium & Skill Updates & More!

by James Windsor on 2020-02-19

War of emperium has arrived on Lotus RO,  there will be an NPC in prontera where you can check status and information as well as on the webpage

First Edition :  Mondays & Thursdays at 7-9 pm

Second Edition : Wednesdays & Saturdays at 7-9 pm

We've also recieved a huge update to skills and items and much more, read about it here Patch Notes

Temple of the demon god & Daily Usage Items!

by James Windsor on 2020-02-05

Temple of the demon god has arrived on Lotus RO, the time has come for you to subjugate the God of despair, Brings your friends for he has a huge health pool along with guards but there are some nice rewards waiting for you at the end from the quests!.


We also added a Vendor called Lotus Dealer to the Lotus Casino that will sell you Daily usage items for all classes such as Rune Materials, Poison Bottle Materials, Bombs and much more, make sure you go check it out!

Exp & No Penalty & Quest Rewards!

by James Windsor on 2020-01-29

First we would like to apologise that it has been a bit quiet on the update front the last month, we assure you that we are not stopping nor have we lost interest, there was just a series of unfortunate events that caused this. But alas things are back to normal again and so we're kicking things off with some changes that we've been planning.

The first one is the permanent addition of No Level penalty to the server, We felt that players would enjoy it more if they can choose where to level rather than being forced into certain areas due to EXP penalty.

The second one is raising the baseline experience gain from 1x to 2x, The reasoning behind this is that while we want leveling to be a part of the game and should require some effort, we've also been told that a lot of players do not have the same amount of time that they used to and feel that its pointless due to how long it will take them to reach max level, the solution was upping the baseline exp to 2x to help these players, the way this will work is that VIP for example will still double so you get put to 4x for example, a taurus will still triple this to 12x and so forth.

The third one is the updated rewards for the 3'rd class job change headgears across the board, we've spent some time researching these and decided to make the job change rewards a bit more fun and useful, these hats are originally found in the ishop on kRO but we've swapped them out with the original headgear quest items, now if you've already done the quests there is no need for alarm, just contact staff and we will happily provide you with the headgear for your class!

We hope you are as excited for these changes as we are!

// Lotus RO Staff