OmenRO Features

We strive to give you an authentic kRO feeling but we did decide on making a couple of changes / edits to improve quality of life.

List below for custom changes on OmenRO

VIP Service

OmenRO is a free to play server, however we do offer a VIP service feature which can be bought for real money in anything from 1 day up to 30 days, it can however also be traded (coupon) so you can sell/buy this from other players as well in-game. We feel that VIP service is something to show your support towards the server and offers a slight boost in gameplay but it is by no means mandatory to enjoy the server.

VIP offers the following:

100% Increased base & job experience gained overall

100% Increased drop chance from all monsters

250 Extra storage slots

General Gameplay

We have added slightly larger card sprites for everyone since the game was released for older resolutions.

We have added a global chat that everyone can opt in/out of with #global in the whisper field.

We have corrected the font size in-game by increasing it from 10 to 12.

We have added 25% more zoom for everyone.

We have increased the viewing distance to 17 cells up from 14 to match the increased zoom.

We have changed the ground targeting casting sprite to a more classy version.

@autotrade - You may now keep merchants online without being online yourself by typing @autotrade

@MI - This command lets you check a monsters stats and drops by typing @MI and the monsters name / ID

@whodrops - This command will show you all monsters who drop the item that you requested, such as @whodrops Jellopy will show all monsters that drop this item and at what chance.

Storage increased from 300 > 500 for all accounts (750 for VIP).

Cart carrying capacity increased from 100 > 200 for all accounts.

Personal carrying capacity increased from 100 > 200

You can trade 25 Elunium / Oridecon for 1x HD / Enriched  Elunium / Oridecon at an NPC.

White Lady in Endless Tower is now the MVP version and can drop her card.

Stat & Skill resetter is available in Prontera, free of charge below level 40, everyone gets 2 full resets for free and after this it's 10k zeny * baselevel per reset.

Items & Skills

Fashion Coupons have been added to the loot table of Old Blue Box, Old Violet Box & Gift Box. Fashion Coupons can be used at an NPC to purchase Costume Boxes.

Shadow equipment drops from monsters around the world.

MVPs have been sorted into 3 tiers (based on difficulty) and can drop Minor, Normal and Major Scambernite Boxes which contains helpful daily items such as Token of Siegfried, Blacksmith Blessings, Refine Deeds, Bloody Branches but also has low chances to provide gear such as Bravery Bag, Ship Captains Hat and much more.

Battle Manuals from the iShop provide 100% increased base & job experience and now last 24 hours played time instead of real time and is a buff instead of an equipment.

Bubble Gum (+100% drop rate) has replaced Lucky Clips, they are also a buff instead of an equipmenti

VIP tokens from the Ishop that provide premium are tradable.

Bloody Branches can now spawn all non-Instanced MVPs.

We are using the kRO refinement system.

Homunculus & Cute pet feeding system now gives you 10 points per feed up from 1.

Rolling Cutter can be spammed by holding down the button rather than spamming it

Mixing quests for Pecopeco Hairband (morroc field 01), Snakehead Hat (mjolnir 03) & Rideword Hat (clocktower 01) has been added to the game.

Finishing instances will award you points that you can use to purchase gear.