English is the main language, and should be used in any form of public channel such as #Global, GM's will talk to you in English and you will be expected to translate it so you understand it.

Real Money Trading (RMT) of any kind is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban for all those who are involved.

Any form of automated gameplay such as macros, scripts or third party software is strictly forbidden

Pretending to be part of the Administration in any way in order to trick other players or spread misinformation will result in a permanent ban

Please refrain from advertising other servers here.

Report potential bugs and do not use them

Racism,sexism, Insults, discrimination or excessive swearing may result in punishment this includes but is not limited to global chats and shop names.

Violating any of the rules above will result in punishment decided by the staff. Even if its not mentioned in these rules that does not mean it is allowed.